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October 22, 2016
Re: Sparta Coronation was Spectacular
My Dear Friends..........
Am I a bit tired..............yes Am I thrilled with last night's Sparta bet!!!!!!!!
I could not be more happy or proud of my krewe and the way that our Coronation turned out last evening.  We had a wonderful crowd of very, very happy people (thanks to all of your fantastic folks who supported us)........the most beautiful venue and ballroom I could imagine (thanks to the very hard work of our Officers and Members).......rock'in music (thanks to Midnight Special).......and a presentation that was perfection in motion (thanks to our wonderful Court).
A special thanks goes not only to our Officers..........but, a million times over to our Coronation Chairman, Michael Vincent, who pours his heart and soul into this event (as, of course, do all of our Officers for their events, etc.).........Thanks, Michael.
We also hail our King and Queen (Bruce Clement and Gabby Ciaston), who are as noble and wonderful a set of rulers as any krewe could wish.......and their great Court.  You were, as I said before, perfection.
Onward and upward to our future Spartan events...................HAIL SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!
(The "Very Happy, But Not Getting Any Younger" Captain) and the Officers of The Knights of Sparta


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