Knights of Sparta NFL Football Pool Fundraiser

2014-15 NFL Football Pool Fundraiser, to raise money for our Cystic Fibrosis Princes & Princess. 

This is a fun way to allow all Spartan members to join us in our fundraising efforts. This includes those of you who live out of town and are unable to attend our other fundraisers. You do not need to be a member of Sparta to participate, so please send this to your friends and family members that you think would like to join.

Cost $20 per entry…you can have as many entries as you wish.
(This is not a fantasy football leauge --- see below)

Prizes: 1st Place $300, 2nd Place $150, 3rd Place $75

Join NOW!- First game is Sept. 4, 2014

If you would like to join the Knights of Sparta NFL Football Pool or have questions please email Jason Tonglet at or call 504-377-6172. 

We will need an email address, so we can send you an invitation to join our pool.  You can pay by a mailing a check, payable to Knights of Sparta, P.O. Box 52111,  N.O., LA  70152, or pay by credit card below.  Verbal or email confirmation to join is okay, but payment must be received before 9/04/13.  If payment is not received then you will be removed from the league.

How it works:

  1. League includes all (16) regular season NFL games.

  2. This will be an online pool.
  3. *** For those who want to play, but do not want to do picks online please contact Mike Carlson

  4. It is a “Pick-em” pool --- you pick the winner of each game each week
  5. *** This means you pick a winner for all NFL matchups for the week

  6. You will login into the league and make your picks weekly.

  7. One point is awarded for each correct pick.

  8. All games are worth one point.

  9. Point spreads will not be used to determine win or lose.

  10. Pick deadline is one hour before each day’s first game.
  11. *** This means that you can make picks up until 11am Central Time on Sunday.
    *** If there is a Thursday game, you must pick that game one hour prior to kickoff, and still make picks for Sunday's games by 11am CT Sunday morning.  Monday night games also need to be picked by 11am Central Time on Sunday.

  12. If you miss a week you will get zero points for the week.
  13. *** You can continue playing

  14. The winner will be based on who has the highest number of points at the end of the season:
  15. *** $300 for First Place
    $150 for Second Place
    $75 for Third Place

  16. In the event of a tie for first place:
  17. *** Between 2 players --- the 1st and 2nd  place money will be split
    Between 3 or more players --- total  winnings will be split among all players tied

  18. In the event of a tie for second or third place the winnings will be split among all players tied

  19. If we get less than 30 players in the pool, the payout will adjust as follows:
  20. *** First Place: 50% of money collected
    Second Place: 20% of money collected
    Third Place: 5% of money collected

  21. You do not need to be a member of Sparta to participate.


Thanks for your support.
Jason Tonglet
Officer, Knights of Sparta


Knights of Sparta NFL Football Pool Fundraiser

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Sparta Football Fundraiser

2014-15 Sparta Football Pool
$20 per entry
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