What is it like to ride in a Mardi Gras parade?

For many the experience is described as almost being a “rock star” for the night.  Thousands scream for you!  (Well to be honest, it’s actually for the “throws”), but it’s your attention they seek

*(click video below to see what we mean by "rock star" attention.)

It’s a rush that not many people get to experience in their lifetime.  The adulation, the sights, the music, the party… ...make it a “fun” event in from start to finish, and being part of the great Mardi Gras tradition and being among peers and friends enjoying it all together is the thrill of a lifetime




"Rock Star attention"- Canal St. crowd view from Float 12


Why Sparta?

There are several reasons

Even though we are rated the “top parade” for the first weekend of Mardi Gras, Sparta is certainly not as costly as many other krewes. 

A number of our yearly events are included in your dues, such as our Spartan Spree after parade party “blow-out” (featuring food, an open bar, music, dancing, and fun at the Howlin’ Wolf), and events such as the “Open House” Float Viewing Party, a huge great event featuring lunch, beer and soft drinks, music, and fun for your family and friends. 

Several Krewe meeting are also part of your membership, with dinner, beer and soft drinks served by the Officers, and a chance to let your thoughts be known, meet other members and enjoy the camaraderie.


Being in Sparta is like joining a big family.  We are NOT a one day organization.  Besides the Parade (which is very informal and fun), we have another side of Sparta that makes us one of the most beautiful and traditional "formal" krewes in Carnival.  Our lavish “ Court Coronation” and fabulous “Bal Masque” are also part and parcel of Sparta.  Many Mardi Gras experts agree that our formal Court events are considered among the most elegant and artistic in Mardi Gras history.

We are also very “social” and family oriented, with frequent “dutch treat” dinners that allow our members and friends to meet and socialize with our Court.  (Riding members are always invited to attend as many of our social event as they wish).  We also have a great time with our annual "Summer Catfish Fry" and  Sparta “Happy Holidays” parties.  Please check our “Events” page on the website to see information about all of these events.

Fundraisers are an inherent part of Mardi Gras clubs, and ours are both profitable and fun.  The yearly Spartan Soiree "Italian Feast, Parade of Prizes and Silent Auction" and our annual “Cardi Gras” Car Show are always well attended and offer a great time for the entire family.



Our  parade on the first Saturday evening of the parading season is very convenient to those who don’t want the hassle of  dealing with the big downtown hotels and the second weekend parking problems (for themselves , their family and friends).  Many of our riders would rather ride on the first weekend and enjoy “watching” the next weekend.

We invite you to join for all that Sparta has to offer throughout the year, but we do also have many members that are interested in only parading.  In fact we have several “groups”* of business associates and friends that parade each year (many from out of town).  They enjoy the fun of our Parade weekend....and are back year after year.

Most of all, however, Sparta is about Family and Fun.   We encourage riders to have a blast, (most all of us do), but keep in mind we are not a college toga party.  We have our traditions.....AND OUR RULES......AND THEY MUST BE OBEYED.  PLEASE read and understand our “KREWE RULES” on the following page.  These rules help to keep our Parade both fun.......and safe for all.

Membership in Sparta awaits..........The sooner you join.........the sooner the fun begins for you and your family.

*If you have 6 or more riders interested in joining,
contact our Captain about our“group” memberships, first.

Ready to join now?  Click here for our
On-line Application-


Interested, but not sure?  Download and print this application form to mail in your application and dues

**Sparta is a private club and as such we do reserve the right of determining who we accept as members.  If for any reason (although unlikely) your membership is rejected, your dues payments will be refunded in full.



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