Spartan Royalty

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Dr. Scott Matthew Taranto

King Sparta LXXI

Hail to His Royal Majesty, King Sparta LXXI, Dr. Scott Matthew Taranto! ALL HAIL THE KING!

King Sparta LXXI, Dr. Scott Matthew Taranto, native of Atlanta Georgia, has a deep passion for historic architecture and has made a significant impact in the field of historic renovations, particularly in the New Orleans area. His achievements, such as being named the Garden District Renovator of the year in 2022, demonstrate his dedication to preserving and restoring historical properties.

His interests in sports, including University of Georgia football, the Atlanta Braves, New Orleans Saints, and New Orleans Pelicans, reflect his love for the local sports scene.

Moreover, his love for traveling to auctions to find period piece antiques and restoring historic homes in his free time further highlights his commitment to the preservation and appreciation of historical artifacts and architecture.

Scott Taranto has led a remarkable life, marked by a dedicated commitment to both his successful medical career and his deep passion for historic preservation and sports.

Scott is married to Missy Taranto and has two daughters, Evie Lynn Taranto and Jessica Sylest Taranto.

He earned his MD (Doctor of Medicine) from Cambridge Overseas Medical School in 2000 and then completed his residency in physiatry at Louisiana State University (LSU) in 2005.

He is the owner of New Orleans Millworks, which is involved in historic renovations and specializes in architectural millwork. Additionally, he owns Nola 1 Source.

ALL HAIL THE KING! King Sparta LXXI, Dr. Scott Matthew Taranto!

Photos by Darryl Schmitt Photography 2023

Miss Jaycee Lynn Hopkins

Queen of Sparta 2024

Her Imperial Majesty, the Queen of Sparta for 2024, Her Majesty, Miss Jaycee Lynn Hopkins. She is the daughter of the daughter of Mr. Keith Michael Hopkins and Mrs. Karen Michelle Hopkins.

Queen Jaycee’s journey and achievements are truly remarkable and inspiring. Her dedication to her education, evident from her early graduation with honors from West Ouachita High School, showcases her commitment to academic excellence. Receiving the Central Federal Credit Union Centric College scholarship is a well-deserved recognition of her outstanding academic and leadership qualities, which undoubtedly supports her pursuit of a nursing degree at Louisiana Tech University.
Beyond her academic pursuits, Queen Jaycee’s active involvement in her community and faith demonstrates her strong sense of social responsibility and her desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Her participation in the Baptist Campus Ministry and teaching preschool religion at Ouachita Baptist Church highlights her dedication to her spiritual life and her commitment to the education of young minds.

Queen Jaycee’s passion for reading aligns perfectly with the Spartan Bal Masque and parade theme of “Inspirers of Imagination,” and her aspiration to become an author of literature for children is admirable. The world of children’s literature plays a vital role in shaping young minds and nurturing creativity, and her dedication to this cause reflects her commitment to education and the enrichment of young readers.

Queen Jaycee is a multifaceted individual who excels academically, actively contributes to her community and faith, and has a deep love for literature and a passion for inspiring young minds. Her dedication and ambition make her an outstanding member of the Louisiana Tech University community and a promising future author in the world of children’s literature. Her journey is an inspiration to all.

Hail to Queen Jaycee Lynn Hopkins! Her accomplishments and dedication are truly worthy of celebration. May she continue to shine brightly and inspire others with her achievements and aspirations.

Dr. Marc Ryan Matrana

King Sparta LXX

Miss Sophia Rose Zollinger

Queen of Sparta 2023

Mr. Brian Joseph Plauche

King Sparta LXIX

Miss Joycelyn Carol Miller

Queen of Sparta 2022

Mr. Fabian Errol Miller

King Sparta LXVIII

 Miss Shannon Barbara Garrety

Queen of Sparta 2020

Mr. Charles Gerard Hassinger, Jr.

King Sparta LXVII

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Mr. Jeffrey Pertuit Singley

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Mr. Bruce W. Clement

King Sparta LXV

Miss Gabrielle Bernadette Ciaston

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Mr. Paul Andrew Brown

King Sparta LXIV

Miss Amanda Jeanette Dutruch

Queen of Sparta 2016

Mr. Phillip Ray Brown

King Sparta LXIII

Miss Madeline Gloria Clement

Queen of Sparta 2015

Mr. D. Michael Vincent

King Sparta LXII

Miss Keri Lynn Mercer

Queen of Sparta 2014

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